December 21, 2010

Christmas in Lyla's room

My friend Becca and I made wreaths 2 years ago, and this year it fit in perfect for Lyla's room. Sean is very traditional with his Christmas decorations and I'm not. Not even a little bit. So this wreath fit perfectly on the door to her room.

This is a decoration that either Sean made or his mom made whenever he was a little tot. It's now adorned on her shelf.
And her tree. I loved how it turned out. I actually had some silver mesh to add to it, but never got around to it. Last year her tree was zebra print and this year it is black, silver, pink, and turq. Love it! My favorite part: the curly sticks that are coming out of it!

And that's all that is in her room that is Christmas-y. Simple and sweet and I love it!
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