November 8, 2010

Sleeping like a baby...

It took her about 5 months, but thankfully this little girl sleeps perfect just about every night. Very, very rarely have I needed to get up with her. Which means this mama gets a good night sleep every night! :)
This is one trait that Lyla got from me. Sleeping. She would still take 2-3 naps everyday if I'd let her. She normally wants to go back to sleep around 9:30 (after she got up at 8) then down for a nap around 12:30 where she sleeps for 2 hours.
Sometimes we take the morning nap, most mornings not. This morning she did and she looked so cute her Halloween jammies! :)

She also sleeps just like her mama except I don't suck my thumb!
Now, miss thing did not get her afternoon nap until about 4 and she was miss cranky pants. And even with a nap she is still miss cranky pants. Oi vey. I think she'll spend the evening with her daddy.
Mama, will craft. More to come!

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