November 4, 2010


I'm tired, folks. Like really tired. I'm dreading winter. All I want to do is buy a snuggie and not get off the couch. Ugh. We bought a new space heater because our house is a warm 62 degrees in the morning. And this space heater is seriously my new bff.

So, since I'm to lazy to post pics here's a few randoms.

- I went to my first MOM's club meeting with my friend Shannon today. I'm kinda excited about this. We are going to a girls night out at the end of Nov, which will be nice. And they have a coupon get together, craft days (yay), play dates galore.

- I started a 60 day declutter/deep clean on Nov 1st. With working 2 jobs, this house got put on the back burner big time. All the nitty and gritty stuff never got done. So I typed up a 4 page list and got started. I'm thinking a room every week or week and a 1/2. I started in Lyla's room this week and made a TON of improvements. I went through all her clothes, organized under her crib, cleaned baseboards, etc. Tomorrow I'm working on her closet. Everything is coming out and not everything is going back in. Oh, and I also went through her toys in preparation for Christmas. All her itty bitty toys got packed a way for when there is a Baby Jay #2 and others got donated.

- Christmas is in 50 days. I started a week ago and will be purchasing a few things tomorrow. I need to make another list of Christmas things so I can be prepared for my mom and I's annual shopping trip. Yay!

- I love lists. Like really really {heart} lists. Daily, I make lists.

- I need to start working out again. I haven't done much since my last 5K and need to get on it. My ultimate idea would to get up before Lyla and work out but Sean tried waking me up a few days this week and well, that didn't go over so well.

That's it. Happy Thursday. Night ya'll!
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