November 21, 2010

Lyla {15 months}

Happy {15} months, sweet girl!

- You are finally 20 lbs!
-You are wearing 12-18 month shirts and 12 month jeans.
-You are still in a size 3 diaper and wear size 3 or 4 shoes.
- Most exciting thing is you are finally walking!!!!
- You can follow simple directions really well i.e. Go to mommy, give to daddy, go get {this}, go put this here, etc.
- You can say hi, bub bye, yum yum, mommy, puppy, duck, thank you. You also make a lot of sounds for certain words like up and more.

- You've started using the signs for more and please.
- You still sleep from 8 until 8 or 8:30 and take 1-2 naps a day.
- You love dogs! Every time you see a dog you get all excited and start giggling. If you are in a bad mood, the best way to distract you is by getting you to play with Reese.

- You are in a "hitting" stage now and so we are working on that. I'm hoping the "biting" stage is behind us, but I'm not so sure quite yet.
- We've started time-out with you when you do naughty things or have full blown tantrums and they work really well for you. So well, that now when we tell you no and hurt your feelings, you go to your time out spot on your own. The first time you did this, daddy and I could not stop laughing!

- You love music and books and love, love, love to dance! You have started bringing us books to read, but your attention spans lasts about 2 seconds!
- You make this cute scrunchy nose face whenever you smile!
- You have10 teeth and love to brush your teeth. You point to the toothbrush holder every time morning and night!
You are so much fun at this age but a lot more work than you've ever been! Majority of the time, you are a complete joy and make your daddy and I laugh, over and over again! We love you!!!

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