November 10, 2010

rock {chalk}

This is a tad bit on the late side, but better late than never, right?

We went to the KU-Texas A&M game on October 23rd. This time Miss Kayla and Tyler(who is the biggest KU fan ever) came with us as well! We started off meeting my brother in Salina to drop off Lyla. She got to spend time with Kev and Kelci, which was sweet! And from what I hear she got to do a lot of fun things as well! Thanks for watching her, you guys!!

We then met up with Kayla, Tyler, and Jonathan at Red Robin for lunch (yum-o) before heading to Lawrence for some tailgating! We are pretty cute, aren't we!? :)

Can you pick out Tyler? He's the ONLY one without something KU.
The boys had to have a football to tailgate with so before we got to Lawrence we had to make a wal-mart stop for a football. Boys will be boys. So Miss Kayla had to show the boys up of course! Great form, love!

Aren't they just a bunch of sweetum's? So cute!

This also happened to be Kayla first KU game! Unfortunately, they lost. They've been horrible this season.

We ended up leaving during the 3rd quarter and headed for dinner at BWW's. Kayla and I then headed back to our hotel while the boys went and drank for a bit. The next morning, Sean and I headed to Wichita to meet Kevin, Kelci and Lyla at a bar and grill to watch the Steelers get another win! After that, a looonngg drive home! Overall, great weekend! So glad that Kayla and Tyler were able to come with us! Love you guys!!!
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