November 3, 2010


This little girl has some curls!

We started a new class and I thought she looked so what does a mom with a camera do???
Showing off her art project!

She loved it!
I {love} her

Her baby blues have now turned a brownish blueish green color now!

{Best Friends}

We started a new class at the HRC this week. I think it is called Funny Finger Tickly Toes or something like that. I like this class better as it is more structured than the one we just did. Yesterday we played with trucks and cards, learned the sign for more and please (which Lyla won't do), played in a sandbox with trucks, and did an art project.

This is proudly hanging on the fridge! I'm such a proud mom! It's her first official art project!

Happy Hump day!

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