November 1, 2010

{Halloween} Part 1

I can hardly believe that Halloween has come and gone! And this Halloween was a fun one!! Lyla was such a great sport and kept her costume on the whole time...without a fight!! I was pretty happy with that one! She was a little white tiger cub. And a super cute one at that.
Saturday we headed to Hays to do a Trunk and Treat with some friends of ours and then we BBQ'd with them afterwards. Lyla had no clue really what was going on but it was still a fun experience.

Our friends, the Schneiders! And we do like them, even if they cheer purple.
They are cute kids...but they would be SUPER cute in Red and Blue!

Shannon and I

The girls and I

Eeek....they are Kstate fans!

My little white tiger and I

Daddy and the Tiger

We think she kinda looks like a cross between a mouse and a kitty. Though most people did know what she was.

Oh, she's sooo cute!

Part 2....coming soon!

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