November 23, 2010

A good day...

Today was just one of those days. A good day.

We had Lyla's last class for this session today. She got to make her 2nd art project and it is CUUUTE! Gail (the teacher) painted her palm and thumb and Miss Ly did not want to take part. So we managed to get that on the hankie and then I painted the rest of her fingers. Such a cute idea and one I want to do each year. Probably til she's 20....think she'll let me?!

After class we came home and Lyla napped while I caught up on all the important things in life....blogs, dontcha know! Ok, and I picked up the living room some too, I suppose. Then I got ready for a career fair at our local high school. t was excited to be asked back again and got to meet some new kids. I ended up taking Lyla with me and she was a hit and did SO good. She sat in the chair next to me, flirted with some boys, ate some cheerios and was just overall good. A nice proud mom moment. Towards the end she got a little antsy, but nothing bad. She's such a sweet girl!

You think I look stunning? Oh, why thanks! :)
After that, we headed home where I proceeded to view a pizza commercial on TV and decided I for supper. So that we did!
And now I have a predicament. See the picture of Lyla above. Notice there is no high chair cover? Well, one day I let it dry out on the deck and Sean's good ol' dogs decided that it just looked to delicious not to eat. So that they did. Now we are left without a chair cover. And after a little researching, I can not find a chicco cover anywhere. Ok, so maybe I haven't looked that hard, but where I have looked, I haven't found answers. And what I have found, do not look promising or it is plaster is Pooh. Uck. No thanks.
I've also found some info saying that only the chicco covers fit the chicco high chair and that the universal ones don't fit. True or not true? Anyone know. While my sewing skills are super stellar, they are not stellar enough to sew a cute cover. So any ideas would be appreciated. Not sure Seany boy would be keen on buying a new high chair. Those darn dogs. ;)

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