November 19, 2010

And we're back....

And couldn't be happier. 5 days away without routine is a bit much. Miss Lyla DID not sleep and in return I did not sleep which equals not much fun!

But overall, we had a great trip! Crossed a few things off the gift list and got a few cute things for Lyla and I. Yup, Seany boy didn't get anything. Not that I didn't look for him something, I just didn't find much! Sorry, kid. :)

So in a random catch up.... this is what happened the past few days. I totally didn't take but maybe 3 pics the whole time. 2 fun things happened while we were there.

- We got a good amount of shopping done. Lyla got a few cute things as did this mama. It was nice spending time with my brother and SIL as well. Thanks for letting us crash at your house!!

- It was my brother's birthday while we were there and Kelci also had her 20 week sono. Unfortunately, they didn't find out what they were having but the baby is doing good and that's what is important!! We did a few old wives tale things and with those, my guess is that they are having a boy!

Lyla was a pistol while we were shopping and I realized she was so much easier to shop with last year when she was 3 months old. She must get better though because there are a TON of shopping trips in our future!

So we are trying to get back on track and into the swing of things!
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