November 13, 2010

Crazed Addiction

I know I've mentioned this about a million times, so this will make it a million + one, but I {love} having a girl. I was made to have a girl! You know I'm all about the cuteness and well, having a cute baby makes it all the better! :) And now that Lyla is finally waddling around, she looks even cuter in her outfits. Yes, outfits. I give you this...

I am loving putting together outfits for her. We are heading to Wichita for our annual girls shopping trip and so I was packing lyla's clothes today. I loved putting all of her outfits together for the next few days. Since we'll be out and about, we have more of a reason to dress up! I laid out her outfits, then coordinated her bows/rosettes, jackets and shoes! EEEkkkkk! Loves it!

Truth be told, I really hope we have another girl next. Sean says I just want a girl next so we'll try again since I want 3 or 4 kiddos and he only wants 2. And well, that's kinda true too. But really, I'm loving all this girly-ness and everything that comes with it! All the cuteness now will make up for all the drama that will be there in the upcoming years, I'm sure!
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