July 26, 2009

Sausage toes...

are disgusting. Whenever my feet swell, my toes normally don't. Well yesterday my toes decided to swell so bad I couldn't even bend em. So I had cankles and sausage toes yesterday. And starting around 10 a.m. today I started swelling again and by 11 I had sausage toes once again. So my feet are propped up and I'm playing on the Internet until the swelling goes down a bit.

To tell ya the truth, I'm in a super bad mood today. We were supposed to go to the lake today but now we aren't. I won't even get started on that or else I'll be ripping someone a new one. I have things to do around the house, but I'd much rather be on a boat hanging out. Instead, I'll sulk, lay on the couch, and probably not do the things I need to do. Who knows.

Oh, I'm finally packing my hospital bag. I'm still believing this baby is never coming and that I have a while until it needs to be packed. But people keep hassling me about it, so it's getting done. I have my appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping for some progress but I'm definitely not getting my hopes up at all!

Well I'm going to continue to be a grump for a bit. Hopefully whoever reads this today has a much better day than me.

Oh, hormones. How I hate you.


  1. It's okay! The baby will come eventually... try and enjoy the anticipation and excitement. Pretty soon it will all be over. :)

  2. LOL, what happened to the Whoop Whoop feelings from two blogs ago!? Yep, I'm laughing. This part is sucking for you but I PROMISE she'll come out eventually...even Doc won't let it go forever... Good luck tomorrow!


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