July 24, 2009

I gotta feeling...

this baby is never coming. Yes, I know my due date is still 16 days away. Don't you worry, I'm counting down. But I'm very blah. I'm swollen, have hip pain, daily backaches, can hardly tie my shoes let alone put on pants. Game over kids. I've had my fun. I'm beyond ready for this baby to come. I'm ready for labor. I'm ready to to be in pain and tell Sean how much I hate him for doing this to me! Ok, just kidding, that's only in the movies kids. When I'm in labor, I'll be smiling and laughing, enjoying it all without any pain. I won't be sweating while pushing, I'll be glowing. I'll be in labor for just a few hours and she'll come out after just a few pushes and I'll be up and at em' before you know it!

Ok, so I'm dreaming. I know. But this waiting game allows me to think about this whole labor process over and over. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it freaks me out. Here's my real game plan. I plan on laboring at home for as long as I can. Remember, I work in that hospital. I've worked there for over 6 years total. I don't need to spend anymore time there then need be. I'm "hoping" my water breaks at home and then we'll just go in. I do not want my water breaking at work or go into labor while I'm at work while I'm playing with people's eyeballs. Not my idea of fun.

Oh, and when I am in labor, Mr. Epidural will be my best friend.

Wanna know my biggest fear of labor? Not knowing I'm actually in labor. I've been having contractions daily, but nothing serious. Everyone tells me I'll "know" when I'm in labor but I'm not so sure about this. The other day Sean and I were going to Russell and I had 3 contractions on the drive there. They were like 15 -18 minutes apart and I think Mr. Daddy got a little freaked. Oh, he's going to be a *great* labor coach...passed out on the floor! :) Love you babe!

Maybe I should pack my bag before she comes, ya think? Minor details. It is on the to-do list for the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, nothing big in store for us this weekend. Just getting things done around the house. Maybe I'll begin nesting and I'll go into labor and have a baby by Monday. Ok, so I'm dreaming again. See, I think about this constantly.

Well I'm off to go do something on my to-do list at 11:30 at night. I took a nice, long nap after work so I'll be up a little longer!

I'll leave you with 2 pictures! I took pics for my SIL and BIL on Wednesday and while we had 1 uncooperative girl, the other was a doll and we got some good shots. This is one of my favorite shots even though it doesn't look like they have mad love for each other. All Avery wanted was a skittle. Bribary can work magic! :)
This was my cooperative girl. Oh, how I heart her!
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