July 7, 2009

Oh Seany boy.

Prince Charming got to experience getting his wisdom teeth removed today. He hates anything medical and was not wanting to do this is any way. But since the doc said he had too, and our deductible was met, we scheduled it! And it just happened to be on our anniversary! More on that later...

We got there about 7:45 and by 8:15 he was ready to go. I had to leave the room at that time but it was only about 20 minutes later that they told me he was done. Then a few minutes after that, I got to go back and see him! He kept saying that he felt so good and that it felt like he had only been asleep a few minutes. Which is pretty much what happened. I had to watch an instructional video and then spent sometime trying to get him to wake up. By 9:20 we were outta there! The doctor said that he did just fine and that he'll be as good as new. They weren't impacted or anything, so we are expecting a speedy recovery. We got him pain meds, but he hasn't needed them yet. He had a little bit of trouble with bleeding since we've been home, but he finally was able to eat something a little bit ago. When we got home, we both fell asleep for a bit but when I woke up he had been up for a while already! It's been funny listening to him talk with all the gauze in his mouth!!!

The girls stopped by to drop off our anniversary card and Miss Abi was a little freaked out by Uncle Sean! Oh, and Avery kept saying Reese the whole time she was here as well. Couldn't get her to say my name for the life of me. Don't worry, I'm not giving up. She can't refuse to say it forever! :)

Here's a few pics I took today of him. He felt stupid he said with me taking his picture but did I care... nope! :) Gotta document then blog everything! :) The first is right before they gave him the medicine to knock him out and the second is him falling asleep in the car. He'd be mid conversation and then just fall asleep!!! He looked so cute! :) Well I'm off. Just in case you haven't noticed I posted 2 other times today so feel free to catch up! I'm gonna do an anniversary one sometime tonight!
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