July 7, 2009

The 4th

I've said it before, and I'll probably say it over and over. I *absolutely* love being an aunt! This past Saturday Abi came over and we made a 4th of July cake. It was delicious!!! It wasn't anything special but we had a good time making it... and we may have had a better time licking the batter and the icing! :) That, my friend, is the best part of baking. Cake batter and icing!

Here's Abi licking the spoon after we put the cake in the oven.

And Abi with the final product! By no means will we be the next Cake Boss but we had fun!!

Oh, and whenever Renee dropped Abi off, Avery was there and we got her to say.... Reese. Of all things, Reese is what she'll say. I can't even get her to try my name. I think she missed the memo on how she is supposed to say her Aunt's name first. Not the dogs name that she's scared to death off. We'll keep working on it!
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