July 9, 2009

2 years!

Well kids, Seany boy and I have made it 2 years! Of course there has been up and downs but overall, I wouldn't change any of it! In our first 2 years we've traveled to Florida and South Carolina, created a baby :), became KU season ticket holders, bought a boat, countless day trips and have fallen even more in love! I'm so blessed with our life that we have and enjoy it everyday, even if it's been a bad day! I can't wait to see what our future holds!!!

Sean surprised me with flowers at work and then we went out to eat at Guiterrez that night for supper! Of course, we actually spent our true anniversary getting Sean's wisdom teeth taken out, taking a nap and a just hanging out. The Mr. was a big grumpy bear so it wasn't all that exciting!!! Here's the flowers he sent me and a picture we took before supper! AWW to us!

Love daisies!

Us before supper

Our wedding day!

Well I'm off to finish working on pictures and getting ready for my trip to Great Bend for the weekend. Momma and I are making a bunch of meals to freeze, a little trip to the Barton County Fair, and maybe the lake on Sunday!!! Have a great weekend!
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