May 27, 2010

Splish Splash, Lyla's taking a bath!

Another video of my baby girl!

My friend Kelly used to teach swim lessons and so she was giving me some pointers to get her well acquainted with the water. Well we haven't had any problems at all because she *Loves* her baths. But one of the things she mentioned was to pour water over her head and face to get her to hold her breath. So I started with just a little bit of water and she loved it so I started pouring more on her. So now she does this adorable little batting of the eyes thing and then follows up with a huge smile! Ahh she melts my heart! :)

Also, I need some advice. When do you consider your baby to be saying their actual word? Lyla says mama a lot but whenever she wants me to pick her up she holds her arms up and says mama. I walk into a room and she claps and says mama, looks at me and says mama, etc. Does this constitute 1 first word milestone? Or am I being an over ambitious and over eager mama? I'm going with a little of both but please feel free to share! :) Happy Thursday! Yay for almost being a 3 day weekend!!
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