May 22, 2010

Stalking Part 1

I stalk just about everything...blogs, website, one-a-day deal sites, facebook, my e-mail, etc. The Internet is the best thing EVER. I use it for everything. Honestly, everything!!! Swagbucks or Google is my best friend. I probably stalk blogs more than anything. Sean thinks it is strangely weird, but I enjoy it. I'm a curious george and just like knowing things. Even if it is about a stranger that lives 2000 miles away. I enjoy it and that's all that really matter. At least that is what I tell him.

So I thought I'd share some of my favorites sites. Consider me kind. Also consider yourself warned. You may fall in love with some of these sights and start checking them daily...or multiple times a day, either or.

Here's my favorite kiddo one-a-day deal sights... - I've gotten a few things off of here, including some Riley Roo shoes for Lyla. They are normally $35 a pair and I got them for $13 a pair. Wahoo to me! - I've gotten the most of this website including my Ergo baby carrier and a snack carrier/organizer for the diaper bag. Love them both and saved at least 50%. - For when Lyla is older mostly, but they have some cute things. haven't bought anything from there yet, though. or - Same as above. - Kiddie things at cheap prices - very nice things too. If you want to sign up shoot me your email and I'll send you an invite. You'll get $10 credit! :) - Another kiddo store where you can get awesome things for around 50% off. Love it! If you need an invite, let me know!

More coming soon! :)
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