June 1, 2010

Oh, Happy Weekend!

Oh how I *heart* 3 day weekends! If only our work weeks were 3 day weekends every weekend! Now wouldn't that be nice! :)

We had lots of celebrating this weekend! We celebrated that our house is now 90% finished with painting (Yippe), Sean's 32nd Birthday, and Memorial day!! So it was a busy weekend for us!

First off, thanks to everyone that helped out with painting our house! We highly appreciate your help and don't take your generosity for granted. We would have never finished it without your help! And mucho thanks to Mr. Hubby for being semi-patient (he despises painting) and for working so hard and diligently. He worked every night til dark on it and hated every minute of it! Thanks stud! It looks a million times better! Now our house isn't as *ghetto* as it was before! :)
Saturday night after we finished painting we headed to Gella's for Sean's Birthday supper! Mmmm. Love Gella's. Then we came home and the boys continued their bromance and I went to sleep. Pretty exciting around here, don't ya think?
Ly-Ly sleeping (noticed the feet crossed?)...We turned our Ac on Saturday evening (and actually already turned it off since it was so cool on Sunday)
The famous Bromance and Lyla
Uncle Jonathan and Miss Lyla!
The birthday boy!
Our little fam!
Who doesn't love a naked baby?

Part 2: Sunday - coming soon! :)

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