May 8, 2010

Holy Bananas

Well, I must say participating in my first blog hop was a success. I had a whooping 198 people stop by! Very exciting I must say. So if you are back for a second time, welcome. I hope you keep coming back, and back, and back! :)

I love blogging. I really do. Even if my hubby makes a little, or a lot, bit of fun of me. I 99.9 percent of the time blog to remember what is happening in our life right now. I hope to make yearly books out of this blog as long as I continue blogging or until technology invents something new. And as a random thought... I must get better at blogging. This whole juggling life, a baby, a full time and a part-time turning full time photography business doesn't leave much time to blog. But it is something I need to start making some time for since, 1. I like doing it and 2. I don't want to forget little everyday things.

Another part of me blogs because I'm a bit of a stalker. I love looking at other people's blogs either for parenting advice, craft ideas, photography idea, decorating ideas, etc. Get my drift? The blogging world is a pretty great place (whether my hubby likes it or not). I kinda dig it to tell you the truth! And if you are a follower or a blog stalker and you keep coming back to mine, then I think that's great. Even if you want to stalk me. Because I may probably stalk you too! In a total non-creepy stalking way of course.

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty great day. A day I've been waiting for for a long stinking time! A day that has much more meaning now that I ever really thought. And day that has me loving my mom even more now that I'm one myself!

*Another random thought. I have Friday Night Lights on a DVR right now that is begging me to press play. I am using a ton of self control right now to not push it and watch it. I could just watch it and then act like I have no idea what is going on when we do get a chance to watch it together. It is our absolute, with out a stinkn' doubt, favorite show in the world. So I'm pretty proud of myself for not be sneaky wife right now!!!
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