May 17, 2010

Happy 9 Months Lyla bug!

Time is just going to fast. I'll admit it... tears were shed this morning. I'm sad that she's 9 months already. She's getting way to big, learning a ton of new things and growing and growing. I looked at some pictures of us bringing her home and I just couldn't believe it. I hardly remember her being that small.

Now look at her in her 9 months of gloriness.

You weigh around 16 lbs (I'll update tomorrow after her appointment).

You are wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes but I've started moving you into 6-9 months because 1. the clothes are ADORABLE and 2. the 3-6 month is mostly winterish.

You are still in a size 3 diaper (still in cloth diapers at home)and you still wear newborn size shoes.
Your hair is starting to get a little bit longer, but it is still definitely very thin. You also are still good at letting me keep a bow in your hair! :) Hoping that lasts!
Your eyes are still a dark blueish-green.

Every time you sit you cross your ankles.
You just recently learned to clap the right way! Before you were banging your hand on your leg to clap and now you clap both hands together.

You still sleep about 10 hours a night and normally get up around 6:30 a.m.
You fight naps like they are the worst thing everyday (definitely didn't get that from mommy). You cry before we even lay you down but it is only a matter of seconds before that thumb in your mouth and you are out!
You still take about 3 naps a day. 1 30 minute nap in the morning, around a 2 hour one after lunch and then another short one in the evening.

Your favorite person in the world is your mommy though you do love when your dad plays with you.
You still are not crawling or even really moving much. You are good with the rolling over but again that isn't something you do much either.
You love to stand and walk holding on to our fingers.
You are starting to get the idea of moving from sitting to a crawling position, but aren't just quite there yet.

You are a great eater! You love all foods and are eating 98% table foods. Mommy hasn't made baby food in quite sometime. Your favorites are sweet potato fries, cheese, and broccoli, rice and cheese. You will eat anything!!!
You still drink breast milk and hoping you continue until a year.

Reesie is your best friend (actually any dog is your best friend) and can make you smile all the time! You also love playing pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo.
Your favorite toy would probably be your stacking rings, stacking blocks, Caty the Caterpillar, or our cell phones.

You love baths and now take them in the regular bath tub and not the sink anymore.
Since you aren't moving yet, you are starting to figure out this scooting thing to get you places. Doesn't get you far, but you are working on it.

You started throwing mini-tantrums. You will bang your feet on the floor and arch your back.
When mommy leaves the room you like to whine,whine and whine until I come back. Nope, not spoiled at all!

You are just like your daddy and love being outside.
You are also working on starting to pull up on things.

You have the cutest laugh I know!! You also have quite the personality and are starting this thing where you lower you head when people talk to you, acting like you are shy. Then you ham it up with a big smile!
Happy 9 months Lyla Ainsley! Mommy and Daddy love you more than you'll ever know (at least until you have kids of your own). We want nothing more than for you to be healthy and happy!!! :) Thank you for all the joy you have brought into our lives! We love you!
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