May 25, 2010

A night on the town

I'm not a big drinker nor do I go out very much at all. I'm probably what most people will call the party pooper. Staying awake past 11 pm isn't my idea of fun. Totally a loser I know. But occasionally, I do love a margarita (or a lot of margaritas) or other speciality drinks (Mojitos, Summer Brew, Sweet Tea Vodka). So I arranged a little girls night for a few of us gals. We headed to a much loved Mexican restaurant and we may have had a pitcher (or two) of Margaritas! Mmmm! Tequila! Since Lyla has been born I've only drank probably less than 5 times so one or two (or three, etc) were plenty for me! After we ate and talked ( very good conversations about boobs, stripper boots, and sex tapes to name a few) 3 of us headed to a brewery for just a few more. Well this is when the party pooper set in for me. I did enjoy my lemon ale beer but I was hitting my point of going to bed. I either have to be up socializing and moving around or else I get tired, very tired!!!
Happy Tuesday!
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