March 13, 2010

One of those days.

Have you had one of those days where you think, " I just shouldn't have gotten up"? I did. This past Friday....

So I had an awesome opportunity to be part of a career fair for the high school in my town. Keep in mind, I live in a very small town. When I compare it to the high school I went to, I'm pretty sure that both the elementary school, middle school and high school don't even make up the amount of people that were in my senior class. But still, this was a great opportunity to get my name out there and get to meet some kids and give them whatever advice or information that I could. But I was NERVOUS. Like, my palms would sweat just even thinking about it. And of course, Friday just had to be one of those days that I shouldn't have even gotten out of bed. First off, we woke up LATE. Like I was supposed to be up around 5:30 and didn't get up until 6:45 late. I still had to pump, shower, get ready, prepare my things for the career fair, get Lyla ready for the day, and feed her. Well, about half of those things actually happened. Then after work I had to rush around and get everything together that I didn't get together in the morning. Then I go to play the slide show I made on Sean's laptop and it.won' I tried everything but for some reason it wouldn't play the CD. And of course I haven't updated my website in forever since I'm in the process of a new one. Blah.

But overall it went just fine and I was WAY more nervous then I needed to be. No offense, but they were high schoolers and they were just happy to be out of class! Still a great experience for me though!

Oh, and after the fair I had to mess around with banks and send some information by a deadline, but after all of that...

We now own a camper! :) Whoo stinkn' whoo!

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