March 21, 2010

Happy Spring?

What???? You're telling me there is still snow on the ground!! Isn't it supposed to be Spring??

However, I'll welcome spring as long as there are no more snow showers. Yay for sunshine! And as we all know, after Spring comes Summer and that means the lake! Oh yeah!

It's been a very nice weekend around the Rodger house. I attended my first MOPS group with Becca and plan on joining! Then shortly after that Sean left for Abilene to visit his bromance and I headed to hays for a photo shoot. My friend Shelly and her 4 boys watched Lyla while I was shooting and she got some good loving on from them. Shh... don't tell Sean. She even slept in a boys bed!! haha! Shelly and I and the babies went to Carlos's for dinner and watched KU lose. Boohoo KU. I thought they might possibly pull it out at the end but they didn't.

Today Sean is headed back from his bromance weekend and we are headed to Hays for a little birthday shopping for this mama!! 13 days til my birthday just in case you were wondering! I want a coffee table for my living room and so that is what we will look for today. I'm also in need of an Easter dress. The hubby is SO excited to go shopping! :)

I'm also trying a new recipe tonight and I'll post if it is good. The last new recipe I tried I didn't love so I'm hoping this is better!!

Well I'm off to finish picking up before Sean gets back!!! Happy Sunday Ya'll!!!

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  1. Cute pictures as always! Your recipe does look good. And super easy! Try this: 1 lb chicken, 1 onion and 1 green pepper, chopped or sliced, 1 can green chilies, 1 pkg fajita seasoning mix and a big container of chicken broth. Put the veggies in the bottom of a crock, put the chicken on top, sprinkle the fajita seasoning, dump in the green chilies and cover in chicken broth. Cook on low all day. Drain all chicken broth (save some to dump back in your meat if you are saving leftovers so it doesn't dry out). Cut chicken into strips. Serve on tortillas with your favorite toppings. Viola! Easy Chicken Fajitas!


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