March 31, 2010

Easter Events!

HMC had an Easter Egg hunt and so Lyla and I, Shelly, Becca and Brynn and their kiddo's all met up and let our kids (minus the babies) go get some eggs for about...3 minutes. And then it was over. We definitely waited around a lot longer then the time we actually went looking for eggs. It was cute though. I helped Becca and Shelly and took a few of their kids to the 3-4 age group and with a little persuasion we were able to get a few eggs and lots of candy. Lyla had a so not fun time as we missed napped time and she also got bit by a little girl :(. So she wasn't to thrilled with the Egg hunt. Fort Hays is having another one on Saturday we all are going to meet up again and go to that one! :)

Happy hump day! Oh, and in case you are dying to know... 3 days til my birthday!!! :)

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  1. LOL, I KNEW you'd have cute pics! Love them! AND because it is now 0043 you only have TWO days until your birthday! Thanks for helping watch my kiddos today! I know they had fun! You're good for me. ;)


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