April 19, 2012


One day last week I was finishing up painting the living room and forgot I had left the paint tray on the floor from painting earlier in the day.  Cohen had just gotten up from a nap and was playing on the floor when I got up on a chair to doing some edging. A few minutes later I stepped down and found paint all over our hardwoods and a little on the carpet and one little boy covered in paint. I picked up Cohen and put him in the bath tub to keep him contained which he was super happy about. I then googled how to get paint out of the carpet and spent the next 10 minutes cleaning up the floor. I went and checked on Cohen and found he had painted the bath tub. I expected some paint, but I'm pretty sure he crawled all over the tub and painted it for me! :) Needless to say, he had an early bath!  Oh, my! :)

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