April 18, 2012

Easter Part 2 - Easter morning

 Easter Morning! :) The kids each got a few things... books, money, some little toys and Cohen got some puffs. Then they both got the little drum and it has been a hit! They have loved it!
 Lyla seeing her baskets for the first time.
 Mr. Cohen with his first basket!
 We went to church out at Sean's old church with his family and then headed back to Russell to hang out with his family! I tried to get a few pictures but I had my setting wrong and majority of the pictures turn out horrible! Including the ones of just the kids in their Easter outfits so I'm going to try and take some here soon. As in sometime before next Easter! :)
 Oh, I just love them!
 And I just LOVE him!
 Before we ate we had our egg hunt! Here's the girls getting ready! Lyla was SUPER excited!

 And post egg hunt! They all got a ton of eggs!

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