April 18, 2012


 Things have been crazy busy lately for us, so I thought I'd do a catch up.
Cohen is getting big, waaay to fast! In fact, he is 8 months old today! He loves his momma, loves attention and does not love being alone! So needless to say, when he is awake, I don't get much accomplished. He still hasn't quite figured out crawling, but still gets where he needs to and loves to make a mess! He's a quiet thing so no babbling yet. He also hates all foods except fruit! Feeding time is not normally fun with him!
Lyla is becoming a little spit fire. Lately we hear, "No tell me no, mommy" or "No talk to me" or "No tell me whatever it is we ask of her".  She's been incredibly whining lately and loves to ask what everyone and their dog is doing 24/7. I'm beyond thankful she can talk and her speech is good, but I wouldn't mind a 5 minute from what, "What you doing mommy". :) Love her to death, though and I know it won't last forever. Someday, she won't want to talk to me at all!
Sean had been busy training for his 1/2 marathan and spent most nights out running. Now that is over, I've been told he's going to compete in a triathlon so I'm sure training for that will start soon!  I guess it's better than him sitting on his tush all night! :) I'm super proud of him though that he sets goals and accomplishes them! I definitely hope our kids get that from him!
I have been super, super busy and quite overwhelmed lately!  I'm super blessed to be doing jobs I love, but it is hard work staying home with the kids plus working.  Add in moving and now painting and decorating and I don't have much time for anything. I am happy to say the kitchen and living room and hallway is all painted (minus the trim) and ready for our new furniture to arrive next week! I'm also getting a new fridge and I might be most excited about that!  Things are NOT organized right now and it's driving me a bit nuts! Most things are out of boxes so that is a plus! Sean recently got a 65 inch TV for his man room. I think it might be a bit excessive but he's over the moon about it! We are holding a garage sale this coming weekend and I'm looking forward to getting rid of some of our stuff and having an organized garage!

Here's a few pictures from this past week! 

 Love this guy! I don't think we've taken a picture like this in a long time! Normally we both have a kid on our hip!

 I've been a bad mom and have never let Lyla paint before. So I let her do it yesterday and she loved it! It actually held her attention for more than 5 minutes!
 She was pretty happy about it too!
 We now live closer to the park so we've been there quite a bit! Lyla loves it and I know Cohen will someday too! (And seeing this picture, I can finally say one kid kinda looks like me! (: )
 My little stud! Even though I would consider him a harder baby than Lyla was, I just love him! He can be the sweetest, happiest little peanut (though most of the time he is crying for attention!).

 Can you see his 2 top front teeth? He's up to 6 now!

 I love to see Lyla interact with him! She loves him to pieces!
 And he loves to swing!!!

 Lyla's imaginary play is in full swing. She loves to make food and asks you what you want to eat all the time. This would happen to be pizza.

 Love her!

 We recently sold our old patio set so while we are looking for another, the kids have been playing on the patio a lot! Cohen has been riding this little toy and loves it! I adore his little smile!

 Miss Avery came over yesterday afternoon and Lyla was so excited!  Avery and Lyla either love each other or love to pick on each other, depending on their moods.  That day, they loved each other! A funny out of Avery's mouth after I gave them a snack of oranges..."Aunt Andrea, you should have 49 more kids. You are  an awesome mom." Thanks love! (Awesome must be a new favorite word of hers because I heard it a ton!)
Lyla has been saying some funny things lately and I really need to write them down. She said something yesterday and I remember thinking I need to blog that and now that I'm blogging I can't remember it!

So overall, we have been busy but life is super good! We are blessed plus some! Hopefully I blog more often because I really came to miss it!

(If you just checking in, I also blogged 2 other times today! Crazy I know, so you'll need to scroll down for the other blog posts or click on home!)
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