April 20, 2012

Eisenhower Race 2012

 This past weekend Sean and I along with my brother, Kevin, Ty, Kayla, and Sonya all ran in the Eisenhower race.  Sean and Kevin ran the 1/2 marathon, Ty ran the 10K and us girls ran the 5K! 
Sonya finished 12th out of 75 and finished 3rd out of her age group.
Kayla finished 13th out of 75 and finished 3rd out of her age group.
I finished 55th out of 75 and 10th out of my age group.
Ty finished 31st out of 46 and 6th out of his age group.
Sean finished 62th out of 153th and 14th out of his age group!

Here's a story about the race.  So I totally did not train near enough for the race, or actually at all. So I was behind the girls and running with a 70 year old man and probably a 40 year old woman. I looked at the garmin and had .5 left to run when the old guy asks me how much longer we have and how long we have been running. So I tell him and he takes off. Yes, a 70 year old man kicked my butt. Then the 40 year old lady next to me kept walking then running and did that over and over again. It was annoying me so when she stopped running again for the millionth time I tried to motivate her and told her that we had .20 left and that she could do it. Can you guess what she did??? She took off and left me. I was just trying to be nice to her and she ended up beating me! :) That's what I get for being nice!

Anywho...pictures from the weekend!
Ben at his first race!
My love...so proud of him!
 My brother and I. This crazy man is competing in a full ironman next month!
 The girls!
 Aren't they cute! ;)
 I have no idea why this picture looks weird, but my cute little guy cheering us on!

 Off they go for 13 miles!
My biggest fans!

Tyler finishing!

My adorable nephew loves me!
He's an iron baby!
Sean finishing 13.1 I have no idea how he did that!

Sean finishing!
We got her up at 5:30 so she was exhausted!
We went and ate IHOP after the race and then us girls took naps while the boys played golf in the ran! When they got back we ran to Hobby Lobby and while we were there they issued a tornado warning for Salina. So we hurried home and watched it from the porch. Ryan is some sort of storm spotter dude so he was telling us what was going on! 
Sonya and I during the storm!
If you look right in the middle of the trees you'll see the tornado that was forming on and off. It passed right over us! Just blocks away from Ty and Kayla's house there was a trampoline in a tree and another tree had split and had fallen on a fence. After we saw this, we headed to the basement!
There were a few other tornado warnings that night so we spent some time in the basement! We did leave for a little bit in between warnings for some sushi! ;)

The next day, Sean and I and the kids did some shopping for house things and then ate dinner with Ty, Kay, Nana, Sean's uncle and his wife before heading home!  Even with the craziness of the weather, we had a great weekend and can't wait for our next cousin weekend! :)
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