April 25, 2012

Our family is growing!

 Meet Miss Piper LaRue

Isn't she adorable?!?! She joined our family last Sunday. She is a Shih Tzu and is 8 weeks old (as of yesterday). Her birthday is February 24th! We are kinda in love around here. Mostly Lyla...she ADORES Piper and checks on her all the time. She's been a bit sad I think lately since leaving her brothers. She spends 75% of the night crying which has led to us putting her box in the garage so we can get some sleep. It is definitely like having a newborn again, except I never put Cohen in the garage! ;)

She's also not doing so hot on the whole potty training business. Yesterday we spent 2 hours in the afternoon outside and the minute we came inside she decided to pee. Great, huh! 

I named her Piper because that was one of the girl names that I loved but knew we would never use. It doesn't sound good with our last name, so I thought it would make a cute pet name.  I had always said whenever we got a new puppy, her name would be Piper...so here she is! ;)

 Oh, she's so cute!

 Lyla thought Piper might like to go for a bounce.
She LOVES to hold her! :)

 Ignore how blah I look in this picture. I'm in need of a tan and longer hair. For the record, I still don't like my hair short.
 Cohen is so-so with her. He loves to grab her but that's about it.
 She is a loved little puppy!
So far, Piper has been to Dr. Lyla for shots, played dress up, and been carried around in bags! ;) I think Lyla has a new bff!
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