April 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Max

 I still can't believe it has been a year since I was blessed with an oh.so.sweet nephew!  Kelci and Kevin had a little celebration for sweet Max.  Before we went to the get together, we stopped to visit him and take him his present.  We got him a little KU flag! With having Sean as an Uncle, I'm sure Max would have wanted to be a KU fan, just like his uncle! :) We also got him 2 balloons, 1 for the grave and 1 that we let go for him. 

 It's hard to read, but Kelci wrote Happy Birthday on there!
 Also a number 1 candle!

 We then let one of the balloons go for him!  Lyla did the honors for us!

 Can you spot it?
 His balloon and flag!

 Oh, I miss him...
 I didn't manage to take many pictures at the get together, but I did get a picture of the 2 KU kiddos! :) After Lyla hugged him, he kept following her around! ;)

 Granna and Cohen
 Ben and I...oh I love him!
We had a good time and was glad we could be with Kevin and Kelci along with our families to celebrate Max's special day!

Happy 1st Birthday, Maxton!!
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