April 27, 2012


This little boy is ALL over the place now.  He had been pulling up on us for a few weeks, but last Saturday, he pulled up on the couch for the first time.  Now, he pulls up on everything he can get his hands on! Oi vey! His problem is he still can't figure out how to get down!

 What, me? I'm not crawling all over the dishwasher! :)

See...anything he can find. We also keep the dog bowl and food bowl right where he is, and if I forget to pick it up...he's all over that! He's a fast little boy!
 If he would have been a girl...
 Playing together in his room!  I just love them!
 He was crawling all over the room and crawled in the basket and got stuck!
 Monday and Tuesday it was super warm for April - in the 90's so we got to play in the water!
 Oh, I love her!

 Lyla wanted to sit in it!

 Piper girl is doing good. Potty training a puppy is a pain! I'd much rather potty train Lyla all over again!
Lyla and Cohen are headed to their Granna and Pops for the weekend! I have a full weekend of session and Sean has a few projects to tackle this weekend, so the kids are being shipped off! :) We are also going out on a date together to a concert benefit in Hays! I couldn't remember our last true date, so I'm looking forward to it! 
Also, last Saturday I found out that I had won a wooden swing set from a raffle so we are hoping to get that this weekend and surprise Lyla whenever she gets home. And... we got furniture this week! Our house is beginning to look like a home!! :) I just ordered another chair and lamp last night! We still have a lot to do, but we are making progress!
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