April 18, 2012

Easter 2012 - Part 3

 After we ate at Nana's we headed to GB for Easter with my family. We started with Easter baskets and then went out back to do an egg hunt. Lyla was all over it this time finding all the good ones...the ones with money! ;)

 Ben got to partake in his first egg hunt as well. Though, I don't think he found it too interesting! :)
 Kelci and I :) Aren't we cute!
 Kev, Kelci and Ben!

 The girls and the kids!
 She adores Uncle Kevin.
 Oh, how I love this little boy!
 Kelci and I with the boys! They are 7 months apart and there is only 4 lbs difference in them. Ben is going to surpass Cohen in no time!
 Kev and I with our kids!!
 Mom and Ben

 He's weird!
 Uncle Sean and Ben!
And that sums up Easter 2012 :)
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