March 28, 2012

Cohen :: 7 months: ::

Between a busy photo season and moving, this little boy turned 7 months old. Really? I can't believe my little baby is 7 months. I'm having a much harder time with him getting older than I ever did with Lyla. First time mom syndrome left me excited for new milestones and wanting her to get older and do more things. 2nd time mom syndrome leaves me crying with each milestone because I don't want him to get bigger.
(Excuse the bad pictures. We got rid o the green and white polka dot chair and I haven't figured out the best spots in our house for pictures yet! Oh and I was late doing this, so I did them in a hurry this morning).

Buddy, this is you at 7 months! We you!
- You weigh 14 lbs and are 24 3/4th inches long.
- You wear 0-3 and some 3-6 months. Sometimes we can get away with 9 month shirts but they are pretty big on you!
- You are in size 2 diaper and wear size 1 shoes.

- You sleep from around 8:30/9 to 6ish. Sometimes after you nurse you'll fall asleep for a little longer.
-You take anywhere from 2-3 naps lasting 1/2 hour to 2 hours. If you have gotten enough sleep you wake up super happy and smiley. If you nap wasn't long enough, you wake up cranky and crying.
- You are doing better with food. So far we've tried bananas, pears, applesauce, peaches, green beans, carrots and sweet potato. You love it all except the green beans and carrots!

- Your biggest milestone is still army crawling. You go.go.go. You are pretty much all over the place! You have started getting up on your hands and knees but haven't gotten any further than that.
- You like to give kisses and they are so sweet! :) Drooly but sweet!
- You still have only 4 teeth but 2 more are waiting to bust through on the top.

- You can be pretty high maintenance at times. You LOVE attention and if we don't pay attention to you, you let us know!
- You've also have become a huge mama's boy. If I leave the room you cry or if I'm around and someone else is holding you, you want me majority of the time! Especially when you are tired!
-You are the happiest first thing in the morning and the crankiest around supper time.

- You love to play pat-a-cake and peek a boo, especially with your sister. You also love when we fly you around and chase her!
- Your favorite toy right now would be any type of ball. Daddy loves balls growing up and from what I hear, had quite the collection so it looks like you are following in his footsteps.
- Still no babbling. You don't really "talk" much so I'm not surprised.

Happy 7 Months, Cohen Finn! We love you!

I know you aren't supposed to compare kiddos, but if you want to look at Lyla at 7 months, go here!
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