March 5, 2012

Lyla :: 2 1/2 ::

You are so big, sweet girl. I feel so blessed being your momma!

- You weigh 27 lbs (25th) percentile. You gained 2.7 lbs since your last appt!
- You are 34 1/2 inches tall (25th) percentile.
-Your noggin is 51 cm (75) percentile.

- You are wearing mostly size 24 months. You can still fit in 18 month pants but they are to short. Some 2T fit, but most of it is still to big on you.
- You wear size 6 shoes.

- You sleep from 9ish to 7:30 ish.
-You take a nap still for roughly 1 1/2-2 hours a day.
- You are still a great eater majority of the time. You do like to say, Me no like it often, but in the end you eat it most of the time.

- You are sweet, kind, loveable, talkative, onery and dramatic!!!! The dramatics have gotten pretty bad lately!
- You are pretty sociable. You love to play with others and play nicely for the most part. When we take your to sunday school you run in and love being there. You also ask daily if we can go to a friends house. Just tonight I heard you ask your daddy to go to a friends' house and he asked who and you said a boys house. Daddy replied with I don't think that will happen! :)
- You love Cohen. You ask about him first thing in the morning and like to keep tabs on him. You LOVE to make him laugh and he gets a kick out of your goofyness.

- You can count to ten on a good day and if we prompt you, but most of the time you mix all the numbers together or do a few of them in a row.
- You are iffy on your colors. You can match colors but when I ask you what color something is, you like to be funny and say a color that it is not. You also like to say that purple is your favorite color. But whenever daddy asks you what is the worst color ever, you reply with purple! :)
- You are pretty iffy on your ABC's as well. When we do flash cards you are good at reciting them, but won't do them alone.
- You are officially signed up for Pre-school. You'll be attending Amazing Grace Preschool next fall! I can't believe the time has already come for that!
- You can also say your name, age, and what month your birthday is. Sometimes you can say the day but most of the time you won't!
- You are potty trained! It was the easiest transition ever and I'm so thankful it went well!!!

- You are beginning to love to sing songs and we sing a lot of them. Your favorites right now are Jesus loves me, itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle little star, I'm a little teapot, and The Wheels on the bus. You also like to sing Pat-a-cake to Cohen.
- You can finally jump some! You just barely get some air! :) You also can't pedal your bike yet, though you try so hard! Your gross motor skills are a little behind, but you are getting better! I think dance class helped some with that!
- You love to read books, especially on daddy's Nook! You are now starting to "read" to me!

- You talk all the time and are talking in 5-7 word sentences a lot. You also repeat EVERYTHING! Good and bad :). Some regular lines we now hear are:
"Mommy, no yell at me." - You like to say this whenever we tell you no. You also add crossed arms and a pouty lip.
Me do it.
Me help mommy daddy.
"What you doing mommy." - This is said a millions times a daddy but insert another name.

-You love TV! Your favorite shows include Caillou, Mickey, Max and Ruby, Clifford and the Cat in the Hat. Your favorite movie right now is Tangled - which you call Rapunzel. You ask to watch TV a million times a day. You then proceed to be dramatic and bawl when I tell you no!
- You are addicted to being on our phones. If it's quiet, then you have most likely found one of our phones and sneek off to play on it. We've found you playing in bed with them, in your closet, sitting on the potty or hiding under the couch pillows with your fit sticking out! :)
- You've also started being quite imaginative when playing with your babies or other toys. You also love playing hide and seek and basketball in the living room.

I can't believe here soon, you'll be 3 years old! You are growing up so fast! You are such a sweet, precious little girl and we are so lucky having you in our family! Wouldn't trade you for a thing!!!
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