March 13, 2012

Another catch up part 2

Last Wednesday I headed to GB for a few days! Mom was off on Friday and I spent Wednesday and Thursday catching up on work!
Little girl crashed out in her Granna and Pop's bed. Lyla has now started calling mom Granna instead of Gigi. So she is back to Granna again! :)

It started to warm up some on Wednesday afternoon so Granna and I took the kids to the Barton Zoo! Lyla was on the search for an elephant, which the zoo didn't have. But she was happy seeing the Tigers. And they got to close to us. At one point, the white tiger even had it's face up on the glass looking at Ly.I'm hardly in pictures since I'm always taking them so my mom took some for me!

A picture of me and my babes!! I don't have to many of these! If only Lyla was looking!

Granna and her grandkids

My sweet girl. Last time we went to the Zoo she was scared of this and wouldn't sit on it! That was around a year ago!

A grip of love?? :)

Love my little boy!

We've got to get some chunk on this little boy. He keeps crawling out of his pants!

I also got to have lunch with Regina while I was back. Then Friday mom and I did a little shopping around town and ate lunch at Perks. Later that night we headed back home!

Part 3 next! :)

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