March 14, 2012

Another catch up part 3

Saturday I had a wedding to shoot, so Sean got to spend all day with his kiddos. And, by the time I got home, I'm thinking he was a bit stressed out! Cohen is a HUGE momma's boy! Which is times. Not so sweet when he is with his daddy for 9 hours! That mixed with teething and having a cold - he was a bit of high maintenance for Sean. Also, after the wedding, I got pulled over on the way home but luckily just got a warning! It was a Sheriff from here in Victoria that knew me, so I lucked out! :)
Before I left, Miss Lyla got into my deodorant and left this mess...

Monday, we went to Hays for a bunch of errands, including Cohen's 6 month appointment. He is weighing in at 14 lbs and is 24 3/4th inches long. He is such a tiny little peanut! He is in the negative 2 % for both his height and weight! Like I've said, we've got to get some chunk on this little boy! :) He also has started an antibiotic for an ongoing ( almost 12 weeks to be exact) running nose. She also told me he has his top 2 teeth trying to come through! He also tried carrots and peaches this past week. Negative on the carrots but is so so with the peaches! Absolutely loves sweet potatoes!

We also got to eat lunch with daddy! :) Highlight of our day!

After naps, we headed outside to enjoy the awesome weather! I pulled out the slide for Lyla and the swing for Cohen! We also played with some sidewalk chalk and Lyla enjoyed "painting" my toenails with it!

I've also started running again! I've been running on the elliptical for a few weeks but that is nothing compared to running outside. I am following my Couch 2 5k program again, but jumped ahead about 5 weeks and I'm proud that I was able to do it, without stopping! I'm WAY out of physical shape and I can't wait to get back into the swing of things. The 5k I'm running is in less than 5 weeks, so I've got a lot of running ahead of me! Good thing I like it!

Self pic after running...Sean had made fun of me because my face was beet red! :)

Oh, and this little boy got his first battle wound on Saturday. Sean has no idea how he got it, but he's got a little black and blue mark under his left eye! It is kinda hard to see in the picture, but it's there! He may be tiny, but he's tough! :)

As for today, we started packing up the kitchen. We found out the house we are buying appraisal came in and we are good there. We should find out what our house is appraised at tomorrow and then they send off the paper work if all is good. Then hopefully we should know if it is a go for sure by Friday or Monday at the latest. I still worry something with fall through, but Sean is pretty optimistic! Hopefully we will close in 10 days....eeek! Who wants to come pack?! :)

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