February 18, 2010

Well, the little missy has gotten tooth number 2. I just felt it tonight but it has come through enough that I think it broke the skin a day or two ago! So she now has 2 bottom from teeth!!! Big girl is she! :)

She's starting to feel better and even slept 12 hours last night. Then this afternoon she took a 2 hour nap for me! I needed to write this down because in 6 months that is probably the longest nap she's ever taken! :) She's isn't coughing as much but still sounds like an old man that has smoked his whole life. Still a cranky little thing, but she's on the mend!

I'm on a redecorating kick and got my new bedding in the mail. The UPS guy forgot to drop it off this afternoon. He must not know that I'm completely impatient when I want something and I pretty much stood by the door all afternoon waiting for him. Numerous times I thought I could hear the ever.so.wanted UPS truck but many times my heart was broken. Finally at 6 I called and he had forgotten earlier and personally drop it off himself at 7-ish.. How sweet UPS guy. Thanks for making all my dreams come true tonight!

So I'm off to put some decor on the wall and fluff my new bedding! So excited!

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  1. Dalton's 2nd tooth busted thru today also! They are growing up waaaaaayyyyyyyy to fast!


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