February 15, 2010

*Love* day!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's weekend. It went super fast on our part. Friday my parents came to Hays and we spent the afternoon together. We went to a coffee shop for lunch and then did some shopping at the downtown stores. My mom stayed the night and then the next day we headed to Salina for some shopping. I'd have to say that I was disappointed with the shopping. I didn't find much and for once didn't buy much. I did get some new curtains for our bedroom that I'm redecorating and a few crafty things. Things that I'll sometime blog about. That night I stayed in GB and Sunday Sean came up for a lunch of my fam and extended fam for a not all that great lunch at the country club. A nap later and we headed off to Sean's parents for a bit and then home. Sean got me some flowers and new bedding and I got Sean some new KU shirts (imagine that). Miss Lyla got a bunch of clothes from her Aunt Kelci and Uncle Kev and a stuffed puppy that sings from my parents. We got her this cute little penguin inflatable toy that is about as tall as her whenever she's sitting. It's weighted at the bottom so whenever she hits it, it comes back up to her. We also got her a little golf set (that was more for Sean then her!). Overall, I think it was a successful first love day for Miss Lyla and all of us as a family.

Hope you had a wonderful love day as well and enjoy our pics!

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