December 26, 2009

Thank you!

Hi! It's Lyla here! You know, that adorably cute little girl that my mom blogs about! I decided to take over the blogging tonight to tell you about how just spoiled rotten I am. I have lots of people to thank so here goes!

Mommy and Daddy let me open my first of presents early on Christmas Eve. Wow, my mom must love to shop because I got lots of goodies. Like adorably cute pink fur boots and a hot pink velour outfit. I also go a ton of new outfits that I know I'm gonna look way stinkn' cute in. I also got a musical move and groove table for when I start standing plus a sit and stand ride that I can't wait to get on. My daddy just loves all these toys that make loud noises! I also got some new food things since I've started eating cereal. Oh, and I must have been good because Santa also brought me a nursery rhymes book that sings to me. I like to giggle whenever it plays. Daddy got me another KU cheerleader outfit and KU shirt. Let's see, I also got some new pacifiers, a new set of keys, and Ellie the Elephant.

Then I headed to my Grandma and Grandpa's house where I was spoiled even more. My Grandma and Grandpa gave me money for a new car seat since I'm becoming a chunk and my mom complains about having to carry me in the one I'm in now. My great-nana gave me some new bath toys, this cute whale mobile and a really fun learn and crawl ball that fascinates me. My Aunt Renee and Uncle Dan got me the cutest bath toys and this fun toy that spins balls. I even caught my niece Avery playing with it, so it must be fun. Then my Aunt Sonya (Sean's cousin) got me this glowworm that she said every baby just has to have. I love to suck on its nose every time it lights up. She also got me some books that I can't wait to have read to me. Then my Aunt KK (Sean's cousin's wife) got me some super cute bibs and this adorable hat and mittens! My first pair of mittens actually!

Then we went and spent the night with my Pops and my Granna. Unfortunately Granna didn't get to hold me much since she broke her wrist. But she did spoil me! I got a new KU wind suit and a toy ring stacker. Then my Aunt Kelci and Uncle Kevin got me the neatest gift! They got me an external hard drive with all the Disney movies, Einstein shows, a bunch of other movies and movies for mom and dad! They also got me a KU wind suit but it's a size bigger than what my Granna and Pops got me so Daddy's excited that I can wear them for a long time! I'm one lucky duck!

Oh and my mom's friends Tyler and Meagan got me some cute outfits, some teether rings, and some linky's. Daddy thinks Meagan is a good shopper because she didn't buy me anything pink like my mom does.

So a big thank you to everyone that bought me something! Thanks for spoiling me!!

Ok, so since my mom takes like a million pictures, I should probably post a few.

Here is me (duh) on Christmas Eve Eve with all my presents!

Me Christmas Eve morning! Goodness, I'm cute!
My new musical table! I love hitting all the buttons!My Daddy and me on Christmas Eve morning. People say I look a lot like him but I think it's only because we both have big foreheads and no hair. I wanna look like my momma because she's super cute! :)

Daddy and me playing with my new toy!See the big foreheads and no hair! I wasn't kidding! But he is cute, too! :)
My momma and me Christmas Eve morning! Told ya she was cute!

My cousin Avery! She's an onery one! :)
My papa. He was slightly annoyed at my mom's obsession with taking pictures.
My Nana and Great Grandpa!
My mom and me in my Christmas dress and bow. And yes, my momma knows she needs her bangs cut!
My Aunt Sonya and I! She pretty much loves me!
My rents and I. They are pretty smitten by me too. They tell me they love me about a million times a day.
My Aunt KK and I. She's another one of those that love me to death!My Aunt Renee and Uncle Dan! Didn't they look cute in their matching sweaters!

Not quite in focus but us girls! Pretty stinkn' cute if you ask me!
My Aunt Kelci and Uncle Kevin. My Aunt Kelci loves to shop for me and buys all my "first" things! She got me this hat and a Baby's first Florida shirt too! Oh, and an onesie for New Years!

I love wearing big flowers!!My momma and my aunt Kelci! Aren't they adorable!!
One of the few times I finally decided to nap for my momma. I'd much rather be in on all the action!
My new glow worm. I love to suck his nose!

All my toys! Yes spoiled is my middle name!
You know, just hanging out under the tree. Doesn't everyone do this?
Oh, and momma forgot to post our Christmas card!! She ran out of cards this year, silly lady!
(click to enlarge)
Hope you had a great Christmas like I did!!


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  1. you crack me up! Looks like Lyla made out like a bandit!!!!!


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