December 17, 2009

Can I help you, Ma'am.

Excuse, but did you just call me ma'am?

I almost said that to some teeny bopper boy today while checking out at Walmart. I had dropped something and had Lyla in the sling so he was being super nice to offer. But seriously, ma'am?

That makes me feel old. Like grandma-ish age. Or at least someone that is at least 15 years older. This kid was probaby 18. I'm only 8 years older. I'm not a ma'am yet.

Do you think he called me ma'am just because I had a baby? Do I look old?

I've been obsessing about this since it happened. Sean thinks it is nice that he called me that because Seany boy is into the whole yes sir, yes ma'am sorta thing. Fine and dandy for him, but I did not, nor do I want to be, called ma'am.

I want to be a hip, young mom. I even looked super cute today. I did not look like a "ma'am".

Anyways, in other exciting news, Miss Lyla is 4 months old. I have a love/hate thing with this. I'm not ready for her to grow up quite yet. I'm loving this stage.

We did make a run to peds to see if she possibly had an ear infection. When I described her symptoms and how she was acting to my friends, they all assumed she had one. But indeed, she did not. She's on the up and up. I even got 3 hours of straight sleep today. That was probably the best thing to happen this week! I'll do a 4 month post on Tuesday with her 4 month pics since she has her doc appointment that day. Until then, I'm off to address Christmas cards that I need to get out tomorrow but know that I won't. So I need to get on that. Maybe I should finish addressing her birth announcements too. Or not.
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