December 9, 2009

Snow day #2!

It's OK to be jealous of my snow day! I think Sean was :)!

First off, Lyla slept so much better last night. We were still up 3 times but it was only to nurse and right back to sleep! Speaking of which, remember when I talked about letting her cry it out in order for her to get to sleep.... well it's working GREAT! We can now lay her down in the bassinet with very minimal crying or fussing, or even a few times, none what so ever. It's much nicer to put her down like that then for us to have to rock her and wait until she is completely asleep only to lay her down and she wakes up and then we would start the process all over again. She is also just laying down and barely fussing for her naps as well. So for us, letting her cry it out worked great. Now if we could just figure out a way for her to nap for longer than 30 minutes whenever I put her down. At daycare she'll sleep 2-3 hours. At home, 30 minutes max. The only plus is that whenever she doesn't nap for long periods during the day, she sleeps better at night.

Let's see... I got her Christmas tree for her room all completed. Zebra with turquoise and pink. Love it! Sean hates it. Sean is traditional Christmas and I'm more modern/contemporary/ outside the box Christmas. I can't wait until we get a bigger house so I can have a few more Christmas trees. Sean can have his boring tree and I'll get my adorably cute trees! :)

We also got a new diaper! It's a goodmama and I'm loving it! Plus it is super cute!! And super soft!!

Miss Lyla got to see her first big snow story up close and personal. The snow suit we have for her is 6 months so it was HUGE but I wanted something warm for her. Then I plopped her in the snow and snapped away. I think she'll take after her mom and dad and will hate snow as well.

We also spent a lot of time playing today. Lyla loves sitting up and even though she's not quite there, she's making progress. I'd say in the next month or so she may be sitting up. She hasn't rolled over since that day though. She also puts everything that is in her hands in her mouth. She's little miss drooly bug right now and must love chomping on those fingers!

I'm off to clean my office some and to make some bows for an order I got! (Thanks Shelly!) Then I might as well get stuff ready for work tomorrow because it doesn't look like I'll get lucky and get a snow day number 3! I'll take the 2, though! :) Have a great night!

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  1. I'm so glad the crying it out thing worked for you all. I've done that with Sylas K from 8 weeks on and it is a lifesaver! So much easier than all the rocking and tip toeing around. Here's to more happy sleeping!!!


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