December 9, 2009

Snow days!!!!

Ah, I feel like a kid again!! I have a love/hate relationship with winter. I hate being cold and I don't care much for snow. And I most definitely hate driving in winter weather. But... I love me a snow day! Or snow days as in my case this week!

Remember my last post, asking you to pray for either safe travels or a snow day? Well god sure got your prayers because I got myself a snow day! Tuesday night/morning was a horrid morning in terms of sleep around our house. Only 1 person got great sleep and it wasn't this mama or little Lyla. For some reason, little miss cutie thought it would be fun to fuss around from around 2 til 4:30. She must of missed the memo that I needed to get up at 5:00 to start my day. She also managed to spit up ALL over me in the middle of the night. Grand. Finally at 4:30 I laid her down in her bassinet and I heard her playing around. Well finally she was asleep and this momma got a good ol' 30 minutes of sleep. If that. So I was super excited to receive a 6 am phone call from my doctor letting me know we weren't going and that I most likely wouldn't be needed in at work. A 6:30 am call from my boss saying I wouldn't need to come in was music to my ears!! 45 minutes later Lyla bug and I were fast asleep until 10:30. And it felt great! I kinda gave in and even let her sleep in her swing because I knew I'd get a little bit more sleep if I did. This mama was desperate for some ZZZ's!

So I had a day ahead of me to get things done!!! Majority of our presents got wrapped! Laundry was washed and folded (not put away! I despise doing that!). Lyla gots lots of attention from both Reese and I. Lyla is starting to really take interest in Miss Reese. They were snuggling together and Lyla kept feeling her. Also whenever I'm holding Ly and Reese is sitting next to us, Ly's eyes are on her for the most part!!

I also got to cook a new favorite meal I've made a few times! Crock pot stuffed peppers! Mmmm! They were great and felt good on the throat given how cold it was. At least that is what Seany boy had to say after he spent almost an hour outside shoveling snow. 2 wife points for me! :)

We then spent the rest of the night hanging out as a family and all of us went to bed around 10:30. Even Miss thing let me have 4 straight hours of sleep. I've really come to appreciate those short 4 hours!!

I'll blog later tonight about today. I'm actually taking some pictures today given I didn't take 1 pictures yesterday. I can't believe it myself!
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