December 10, 2009

So big!

Miss thing was wanting some love this evening so I put her in my sling. But this time, she got to see the world as we tried a new position. She isn't a fan of laying down in it anymore so she was loving this!!! Isn't she adorable!

And my friend Becca and I were talking today and I've really really lacked on putting bows in Lyla's hair for "everyday" looks. Whenever we get ready to go out somewhere she normally always has a bow, but at home I've slacked. And that is where we take the most pictures so I need to pick it up! As much as it would please Sean for her not to have a bow in everyday, I'm gonna try hard! It's my vow to my pretty girl! :)

Nothing exciting around here. I was hoping for snow day #3 but that wish wasn't granted. Oh, well! 2 snow days were pretty great! But I sure did miss Lyla bug a bunch! I'm off to GB tomorrow afternoon for some holiday cooking with my mama! Here's to hoping I don't eat a ton! :)

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