December 6, 2009

Pictures galore!

Girls Christmas shopping trip = success for Lyla!

Love her and this hat!

Silly cousins!
Us girls!

One of my favorite couples! Aren't they stinkn' adorable! Yes, even you Ty.

I have a feeling taking pictures of 3 girls is gonna be hard!

Lyla *loves* Aunt Sonya!!! Ly got lots of snuggle time with her while she was back.

Uncle Jonathan got Lyla this adorable outfit! Love it!

We still suck that dang thumb. I gave up trying to make her stop.

Playing with Uncle Jonathan. She loved this and would make cute little noises the closer she got to him!

Snuggle time with Uncle Jonathan! We miss him!

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  1. Andi, I LOVE all these pictures! You certainly will have your hands full while taking pictures of 3 beautiful lil' girls! Glad to see you got your snow day as well! P.S. how do you get your blog so CUTE? I'm jealous!


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