December 15, 2009

The last few days...

Sickness has taken over the Rodger household. Head of household decided to lovingly spread his germs to Lyla and I. Great huh? Love you to bubs!

So the last few days has been spent sucking out stuffy noses, Tylenol every few hours, hot baths, and sleepless nights. Fun. Betcha you wish you were me right now.

Let's head back to Friday before we were stuffy Mcstufferson's (stole that one from Sean.). I headed to GB Friday to celebrate my mom's day of birth! Then Saturday we had a cooking day. See pictures below. We only had 1 not so great turn out with some sugar cookies. We followed the recipe out of Taste of Home and they turned out horribly!! They turned to liquid whenever we put them in the oven. But I will say that they tasted really good in the bowl!

Our adorable little helper!

These may be all gone already. Maybe.

That night we head back home to the sickly one. Lyla hadn't been acting like her self while we were in GB, thus starting the sleepless nights. Seriously, we were probably awake every 1 hour for the last 4 nights. Last night was the worst. We were up every 30-45 minutes. My body is not used to this. And when I get overly tired my immune system goes way down, Before Lyla I would just sleep 12 hours straight and I'd be feeling better. Now it's no such luck chuck for me. I'd love my immune system back from when I was knocked up! It was awesome. But I also slept 12 hours a night a few times a week. Oh goodness I miss that.

But we are on the mend and I'm ready for at least a few hours of sleep at a time. I'm hoping. Praying.

Here are a few pics from the last few days! Enjoy!

She's finally become a fan of her bouncer.

Ah, I love her.

Miss Drooly face!
Sitting in my old high chair!!

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