January 25, 2010

Milestones, food, and family!

It has been a while since I've blogged. I've really been meaning too, except I'm kinda busy. Poor excuse, I know!

Let's see. Lyla and I went on another walk this weekend since it was B-e-a-u-tiful on Saturday. It made me itch for the spring time! And this time, I did get a smile out of her on our walk. Maybe it'll grow on her. At least, it better since we'll be going on a lot of walks!

Sean and I enjoyed a little night out with friends Saturday at Gella's. Man, I love their lemon ales. Even if you aren't a big fan of beer, you'll love this! It's my fav! Unfortunately we ate and drank way to much and I didn't lose my weekly weight. Well, by Saturday I actually had, but by this morning it went up 2 lbs. I guess eating out twice over the weekend and then eating a fabulous meal that I cooked could do that to a person. So now I have 4 lbs to lose this week! Fingers crossed. I've done soooo well so far so I'm hoping it keeps up. Lyla has been sleeping 7ish to about 5:30 am so after I feed her in the mornings we head downstairs to work out. It gives me more energy and I feel better all day, so I'm kinda liking it, even though I'm not thrilled to get up that early. But at least Ly is sleeping straight through (so far) so I get a good stretch of sleep. Thankfully. Have I mentioned her sleeping lately? Not sure, but we moved her bedtime from 9 to 7 and it was worked wonders for us! Seriously, the best thing!

Let's see, more about Lyla, maybe? She officially has her first tooth coming in. You can just barely feel it on the bottom right, but it's there. She was laying in bed with us early Sunday morning and Sean felt it. She had been having a runny nose so that explained that. Luckily she hasn't been to fussy either. Fussier than she normally is, but nothing to bad. She also reached for me this weekend, too. It about melted my heart! I loved it. She's done it a few times since but not for anyone else, yet (yes, I'm gloating! I loved it!) And lastly, this evening she had green beans for the first time. It took a time or two of yucky faces, but she liked it by the end! I'm making all my own baby food. Yesterday I made green beans and tonight I did broccoli. Later this week I'm going to make asparagus and carrots. But I'll do a post on that later!

Oh, and miss thing still isn't rolling over. She is trying really really hard, but just can't get it. She's getting stuck on her arm. For the longest time she has been rolling side to side and just the last week or two, she figured out how to get her hip over her but now we are waiting on getting over the arm. She is *so* close, though!

KU is playing Mizzou tonight so it's a big deal around here. I had laid out clothes for Lyla and asked Sean to dress her this morning and she came out in a totally different outfit then what I picked out. Can you guess?

Yup, KU. And here is a picture of them tonight. My KU fans! Sean also read to her The 3 Little Jayhawks before bed tonight. It's about the 3 Jayhawks and the big bad Tiger (Mizzou). Quite fitting. Every time we read to her, Sean wants to read that book. However, it is also super cute listening to him read to her! Oh, I love them!

Well I think that's the catch up. Hopefully I'll start finding more time to blog because I've missed it! I've also slacked on pictures lately and need to pick it up!!

Have a great night!


  1. Love the pics and the update on Miss Lyla! She's a doll. I can't believe she's working on teeth! They grow up SO fast.

  2. Great pictures! As you can tell, I'm getting caught up on your blog as well as Tara's. Next I need to log in to LiveJournal and get caught up on my friend Jessie's. I'm afraid I will have a whole year on hers to catch up. Not sure!


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