January 16, 2010

Dreams *do* come true!

I have dreamt, prayed, begged and pleaded for sleep numerous times the past 5 months. You should know by now that I love sleep (if you didn't, you do now!). I used to sleep 12 hours and think nothing of it. I used to sleep a sweet, heavenly 12 hours of pure joy. Yes. I love sleep that much. Sean says sleep is for the dead. I say, sleep is for those that are tired, duh!

My beautiful, perfectly adorable baby girl blessed me by her sleeping 13 hours (almost) straight. A minor 2 a.m. feeding lasting 15 minutes and bang, we were both back asleep. Yes friends. I got my beloved 12 hours of sleep once again! It was beautiful and I missed it so.so.so much!

I think we have something good going on (probably jinxing myself now) around the Rodger house. Lyla bug has been sleeping oh.so. much better!! The downside is I now spend 1 1/2 hours less with her a night, but the plus is sleeping almost through the night! It's a beautiful thing! A *very* beautiful thing!
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