January 18, 2010


I *love*love*love* family time! It means so much more to me now that Lyla bug is around. Since the weather outside this past weekend was beyond gorgeous compared to the weather we've had, we ventured on a walk. This was the first time Lyla got to sit up in her stroller instead of being in the carseat attached to the stroller. And to be honest, I don't think she was a fan. She most definitely wasn't a fan of her jacket (super cute!) or the stroller or the walk. She didn't make a single smile and didn't even move from the position she was in. It was actually kind of funny and I think she was happy to get out of the jacket! Other than that... all is well around here! We (Lyla and I) are getting some good sleep. I'd say Sean is getting good sleep too, but he's always had good sleep since the beginning. Reese is being a needy, over-hyper dog that may end up soon on Nex-tech classifieds if it doesn't warm up soon so she can go run off some of that energy!

Getting ready... not to excited!

Daddy pushing...Lyla still unexcited.

Momma pushing...and she's still not excited.

Me being totally wierd. Sean loves it when I always have to pose for the camera! It's a hot look, I know!

Home sweet home!

We *love* her so much!

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