October 28, 2013

Pumpkin patch 2013

Saturday morning we headed out to Grannie Mae's for a few hours of fall fun!
We have gone to Grannie Mae's for the past couple of years and love it there! The kids favorite thing was riding the little "train" that they have there. My mom and dad came with us and then took the bigs home with them for the night! By the way - having 1 kid is SO easy. If I only knew this before! :)

Our not so fabulous family picture, but it'll work!

Oh, Cohen. Little stinker just wanted to wander around and not smile for a picture! 

I sure love his pouty face though!

And the little "train". Cohen has a little bit of trouble staying put since he's so tiny, so I jumped in with them and got to ride it too!

This girl will always pose for a picture!

Every baby that we have had has laid in pumpkins. Of course, she had been a bit of a grump and was hungry so the picture was far from what I had imagined in my head but at least we got one! 

She cried the whole time we picked out pumpkins so I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of our pumpkins but we got 3 perfect ones that are ready for carving!

And here's a little peak at one of Stella's newborn pics! Since I had a hard time with recovering, I waited longer than I wanted to to get these done, but I've managed to get some cute ones! Today it was 75 so I even ventured with her outdoors and I love them! More soon!

I love my little chunky Stella! I still can't believe I have a big baby! For once, one of my kids is in the 80th% for weight! :) That hasn't happened before!

Oh I love her so!

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