October 26, 2013

2 weeks, a good witch and yesterday!

 Yesterday Miss Stella was 2 weeks old! So hard to believe already! 
She is a really good baby so far, so we have been blessed in many way!

Miss Stella - this is you at 2 weeks!

- You are sleeping pretty good at night going around 3 1/2-4 (sometimes 5) hours in a stretch before eating and going back to sleep. 

-You sleep swaddled with your arms in and it has helped you sleep just a tad longer.

-I'm not sure exactly your weight but I would guess you are close to the 9 lb mark already!

-You are just about out of newborn clothes and have worn a few 0-3 month things.

- You eat about every 3 hours, except for the past 2 days it has felt like every hour on the hour.

- I think you are going through a growth spurt right now as you just want to eat and have been staying up a little longer.

- You hardly make a fuss and really have only cried a few times for us. 

- You love bath time and are just content hanging out.

-You like tummy time and seem to have strong neck muscles!

- In fact, when you are on your tummy you have rolled over 5 times now. I'm not counting it as your first time because I don't believe there is anyway you could really be rolling over on purpose. 

- Besides all that - you love to be held, don't stay awake much and love to sleep in your swing!

-Your umbilical cord fell off around the 1 week mark.

- At your 5 day appointment - you weighed 8 lbs  (80th %) and were 19 3/4th inches long. Obviously someone measured wrong, because there is no way you could have grown 1/2 an inch in 5 days! :)

We are all pretty much smitten with you sweet girl!!! And happen to think you are the cutest thing ever!

For Halloween, Lyla is a "good" witch! A little friend of hers invited her to a halloween party on Thursday so we got to get dressed up! The witch hat was mine when I was a little girl and I just tied tulle to the end to make it a little more cute-sy! The broom I made out of tulle and a wooden dowel. Super easy and I think it is pretty adorable! It was a pretty easy costume to come up with but I love how it turned out! And she loves it too!

- At the party  the girls all played together, got to decorate a ghost, eat cookies and played a little bean bag game! Lyla had a great time and didn't want to leave! And has asked to go back about 15 times since last night!

Yesterday was the first time I took all three kiddos out! We just went to my mother in laws but still - I got all 3 dressed and didn't forget a thing. That's a success in my book. My nieces were there as was Sonya and Uncle Ron - both had not gotten to meet Miss Stella yet! The kiddos all loved playing with their cousins and we all got to enjoy lunch together!

In the morning Cohen decided to start the day at 530 so by 8 he was doing this by 8 and slept for 2 more hours! I LOVE the way he crosses his leg.

At Seans' parents Stella got to meet her great uncle Ron. She will be in for lots of teasing from him! :)

My niece Abi is a little babysitter!

Miss Avery got to meet her cousin for the first time too! And she did her own make up! :)

Sonya was there too and got to meet Stella! She is having her own surprise come Feb!
We are so blessed with some awesome people in our lives!

And then a group picture from the halloween party! So much fun!

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